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25Am² Magnetorquer

25 Am2 Magnetorquera.Product Information        The Magnetorquer consists of three magnetic rods and a digital control box. The magnetic rod is integrated with the rod and analog control circuit. It supports di..

28V Modular Battery Pack

a.Product IntroductionThe 28V modular battery pack is designed by industrial 18650 lithium-ion batteries in series and parallel. It has the characteristics of flexible and short supply cycle. The 10Ah/15Ah module of 28V bus voltage system can be prov..


✔The strongly non-linear absorber can effectively avoid the resonance of satellite structure and reduce the total root mean square of random vibration response.★Features★Small size, light weight and strong bearing capacity.★Simple mechanical interfac..

Agricultural RS Platform

Regularly provide change data and analysis reports to visually monitor crop distribution, crop growth, production area weather, land area, soil moisture, land classification, historical agricultural conditions, pests, and meteorological disaster..

AL/AL Honeycomb Structure Panel

AL/AL honeycomb structure panel        The panel is made of thin aluminum alloy plate anodized by  acid, and the honeycomb core is made of space-grade durable aluminum honeycomb core, which is embedde..

ATSPACE Fault Diagnosis Modeling and Analysis Software

ATSPACE fault diagnosability modeling and analysis software is used for system-aided design, and gives design suggestions based on the test model. By creating a hierarchical image model, setting failure modes and occurrence probabilities for system c..

Attaching base

        The attaching and unfolding mechanism of solar wing is designed for cubesat and micro/nano satellite, which mainly includes two parts: deployment hinge and attaching base. It is directly connected with the s..

Benzoxazine Resins (CTD-800 Series)

Benzoxazine resins are a novel development that enables lower void content, low shrinkage, reduced moisture absorption, heat resistance and overall high- wear tolerance. This class of thermosetting polymers provide unique advantages for materials req..

C band transceiver

In addition to data downlink sending and data uplink receiving functions, it also completes the collection, processing and transmission of telemetry parameters within the feed power supply to the satellite service computer.Up Link parametersFrequency..

Canglong 2b Liquid Oxygen/liquid Methane Rocket Engine

Mosasaur-2 (CL-2B)Product IntroductionLiquid oxygen/LNG is used as a propellant, and the gas generator cycle is performed in the system. CL-2B is equipped with four engines in parallel based on CL-2.Technical Parameters • Thrust, vacuum 400 kN• ..

Canglong No. 1 Extended Type (CL-1X)

Mosasaur-(CL-1X)Product introductionLiquid oxygen/LNG is used as propellant, and gas generator cycle is performed in system. CL-1X  is equipped with multiple engines in parallel based on CL-1.Technical Parameters• Thrust, sea level  &n..

Canglong No. 3 Liquid Oxygen/liquid Methane Rocket Engine

Mosasaur-3(CL-3)Liquid oxygen/LNG is used as a propellant, and the gas generator cycle is performed in the system. It is mainly used for the upper stage rocket and spacecraft. Vacuum engine. Technical Parameters• Thrust, vacuum 20 kN• ..

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