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Satellite Development

25Am² Magnetorquer

25 Am2 Magnetorquera.Product Information        The Magnetorquer consists of three magnetic rods and a digital control box. The magnetic rod is integrated with the rod and analog control circuit. It supports di..

28V Modular Battery Pack

a.Product IntroductionThe 28V modular battery pack is designed by industrial 18650 lithium-ion batteries in series and parallel. It has the characteristics of flexible and short supply cycle. The 10Ah/15Ah module of 28V bus voltage system can be prov..

I-type Power Controller

I-type Power Controllera.Product IntroductionI-type power controller consists of three boards. MPPT or S3R technology can be selected to realize the power regulation of solar cell array, battery management, secondary power conversion, power distribut..

III-type Cold-backup Integrated Computer

III-type Cold-backup Integrated Computera. Product Introduction        The computer adopts industrial level components and dual cold- backup design, with high processing performance. The function of the compute..

Lightweight Automatic Ku Satellite Portable Station Antenna

TWH-PRK0600 is a light-weight fully automatic Ku satellite communication antenna, which can be equipped with 0.6m/0.8m carbon fiber split antenna. This series of products has the characteristics of automatic star finding, high integration, extremely ..

Micro Hinge

Micro hingea.Product Introduction        Using the potential energy when changing the torsional angle of the torsional spring in micro hinge, the solar arrays can be deployed to different angles(0°-180°), which..

Mini GNSS Antenna

Mini GNSS Antennaa.Product Introduction        The GNSS antenna can be compatible with GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, Galileo and other GNSS systems. It has the advantages of small size, low mass, wide beam and low prof..

Mini GNSS Receiver

Mini GNSS Receivera.Product Introduction        The GNSS receiver is compatible with GPS, Beidou and other navigation and positioning systems. It adopts three positioning modes: GPS, GPS+Beidou and Beidou. It h..

Nano On-board Computer

Nano On-board Computera.Product IntroductionThe nano on-board computer is a highly reliable computer product integrating the functions of satellite service, thermal control, attitude control calculation, power control, pay-load management, etc, using..

Nano Power Control Module

Nano Power Control Modulea.Product Introduction        The MPPT control mode is adopted in the nano power control module to realize the adjustment and control function of the output power of the solar cell arra..

Nano U/V TT&C Module

Nano U/V TT&C Modulea.Product Introduction        The Nano U/V TT&C Module is a full duplex communication system for CubeSat TT&C applications. It is low power, low mass, and highly configurable, of..

S-band Low-profile TT&C Antenna

S-band Low-profile TT&C Antennaa.Product Introduction        The S-band low profile TT&C antenna is designed in the form of a patch cavity. The height above the mounting surface is only 15.5mm. The meta..

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