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Simulation Evaluation System

ATSPACE Fault Diagnosis Modeling and Analysis Software

ATSPACE fault diagnosability modeling and analysis software is used for system-aided design, and gives design suggestions based on the test model. By creating a hierarchical image model, setting failure modes and occurrence probabilities for system c..

Component Application Verification Platform

1. Introduction to the platform    Aiming at the use characteristics of certain specific components such as long service life, alternating temperature environment and complicated electromagnetic environment, in order to improve the reliabil..

HLA-based Constellation Attitude And Orbit Control Simulation Platform

The platform can simulate large constellations, and can carry out constellation management and control, evaluate the performance of the constellation, support a minimum of 20 times the accelerated simulation performance, and can support the simulatio..

Oscilloscope Virtual Control and Measurement Software

Labview programming to realize Tektronix DPO4000 series virtual oscilloscope.Support Windows XP operating system.Connect PC and oscilloscope to realize remote measurement through GPIB bus.Support all basic functions of DPO4000 series.Open source...

Satellite Semi-physical Simulation Test Platform

The satellite semi-physical simulation test platform simulates flight tests and can collect real-time information on the sensors and payloads on the satellite, and calculate the satellite's orbit information and attitude information through dynamic s..

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