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Other Merchandise

Laser and Wire Manufacturing Machine

The equipment integration is scientific and reasonable, the hardware and software logic of the equipment is refined, and the possible safety problems in the installation, operation and maintenance of the equipment are strictly avoided.Verify and opti..

Laser Repair Machine

Safety is the first factor to ensure operators and equipment from the quality of equipment accessories, hardware and software design logic, production and processing flow monitoring and other dimensions.Safety of spare parts;Accumulated many years of..

LENS Machine

Accumulated many years of experience in process service and equipment research and development, can also customize equipment according to the special needs of customers;High integration of operating system, laser system, mechanical system, dust purif..

LUNAR Notebook

Explore the surface of the moon in a 3D space and look across it like you are there. Learn about the many different craters of asteroid impacts. And the locations of the moon walks that have taken place. Get inspired by our state of the art AR experi..

Screening System

OverviewLiM-UZ400 specialized in a variety of metal powder screening equipment in metal additive manufacturing industry. It adds the function of atmosphere protection and uses the combination of mechanical vibration of eccentric motor and high freque..

SLM System

High reliabilityThe core components and optical devices are selected from top suppliers. It has a high running accuracy, reliable performance, long-term stable operation, ingenious structure design, reasonable matching, good system stability and stab..

Solar System Mini Set

Each planetary model of  The Solar System Mini set is crafted and designed to utilize the highest quality renderings of the planets. Each model is precisely made with up to 0.1millimeters per pixel precision based on NASA data. Solar System..

Space AR Mug

Hard work and innovation, requires time and dedication. NASA Space Mug will be with you and inspire you with the future you are creating. Get in touch with space in daily life. Scan NASA Space Mug through our AstroReality Explorer app, and have a sim..

WAAM Machine(LiM-WM)

Simple equipment , easy to control;Suitable for conventional material forming, such as steel alloy and aluminum alloy;Low cost, civil forming or repair has cost advantage;High molding efficiency..Performance Case/application:Aviation, aerospace, mili..

WAAM Machine(LiM-WP)

Independent research and development of AMSLICER++ software, to achieve four-axis division path, fully automated operation.The forming performance is equivalent to that of laser forming, and the cost is only one fifth of that of laser forming.The thr..

WAAM Machine(LiM-WT)

The thread feeding direction can be extended and the tangential direction can be rotated automatically at the same time to realize isotropic printing (see the official website for video demonstration);Independently developed AMSLICR + software to rea..

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