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Lightweight Automatic Ku Satellite Portable Station Antenna

  • Product Code: HSWX001
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  • Brand: HSWX

TWH-PRK0600 is a light-weight fully automatic Ku satellite communication antenna, which can be equipped with 0.6m/0.8m carbon fiber split antenna. This series of products has the characteristics of automatic star finding, high integration, extremely light weight, simple operation, carrying and carrying, over-top tracking, etc. It is a brand-new series of small-caliber platforms for the emerging satellite market.

The antenna system is equipped with an equivalent caliber 0.6m carbon fiber reflection surface and an integrated medium source, and can be highly integrated with BUC, LNB, satellite modem, 280Wh military lithium battery, high-power WiFi, and realize automatic star-finding work through a patented servo control system.

Application scenario

Communication support for emergency and emergencies;

 Field work, exploration, military and police support;

 Real-time news collection and transmission, live broadcast of the game site;

 Public security, military, government, oil fields, water conservancy, electricity, finance and other important national departments.