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Ship-mounted Moving Antenna

  • Product Code: HSWX002
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  • Brand: HSWX

TWH-M80 is a Ku-band VSAT shipborne mobile communication satellite communication antenna. The product has a simple structural design, convenient on-site installation, stable and reliable work, friendly man-machine interface, and simple and convenient operation. It is the best choice for broadband communication for marine users. . The product can be installed on various ships and water platforms to realize the transmission of comprehensive services such as image, voice and data.

Application scenario

The TWH-M80 ship-borne dynamic communication antenna system is specially designed for the needs of various types of ships at sea, and can respond to various weather conditions and harsh environments at sea. It is suitable for users in many industries such as commercial ships, fishing vessels, marine police, and coastal defense. .

System Features

◆Highly integrated controller, satellite router and power amplifier

◆Built-in INS

◆Adopt modular design

◆Simplified system structure

◆Easy to operate

◆Remote data monitoring

Product Model


Stability Type 

Three-axis stability, four-axis tracking

Antenna surface size

Φ800mm /Φ1000mm





Working Frequency

RX:10.70~12.75GHz    TX:13.75~14.50GHz


RX:38.18dBi@12.50GHz  TX:39.32dBi@14.25GHz

Polarization Method 

Liner Polarization

Cross Polarization Isolation


Carrier Motion Range 



Antenna Movement Range

Azimuth:360°Continuous Rotation


Roll: -30°~30°

Polarization: 0°~270°

Tracking Method 

 Carrier tracking

Tracking Accuracy 


Initial Opening Time


Blocking Recapture Time

Blocking time ≤60s, Instantaneous capture

60s<Occlusion time ≤10mins,Capture time ≤15s

Blocking time>10mins,Capture time ≤60s

Power Input

DC19~36V/AC 110~240V,standard power 80W(excluding BUC)

Working Environment Temperature