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Wireless Ad Hoc Network Equipment

  • Product Code: HSWX003
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  • Brand: HSWX

The backpack-type ad hoc network radio is a backpack-type, high-throughput wireless broadband MESH device TWH-Ad100 launched by Fujian Haitian Silk Road Satellite Technology Company. The product adopts OFDM technology and mobile Ad hoc network technology, does not rely on any basic communication facilities, can temporarily, dynamically and quickly build a wireless IP network, with self-organizing, self-recovery, high anti-destructive capabilities, supporting data, voice, video, etc. Multi-hop transmission of multimedia services, which can quickly build reliable wireless links for users in complex environments and provide fast and flexible solutions for various business needs (such as: high-definition video, voice intercom, and IP data transmission, etc.). It can be used in field operations, temporary meetings, building communications, environmental monitoring, vehicle networking, public security firefighting, anti-terrorism special services, wireless image transmission, mine operations, disaster relief, individual soldier networking, drones, etc.

Tags: Wireless Ad Hoc Network Equipment