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Satellite DBOOS System

  • Product Code: HSWX004
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  • Brand: HSWX

DBOOS system platform is a customer management support system developed by Haisi Satellite Company for satellite shipborne business. The basic functions of the system platform include user data management, billing, billing, settlement, etc., register user data, start or stop service to users, formulate user consumption amounts in real time according to different package tariff standards, and calculate user bills quasi-real-time and regularly , Real-time, regular settlement fees. The system platform supports resource management system, customer service system, and integrates business support system (BSS) and operation support system (OSS). It is an integrated satellite shipborne customer business operation and management platform.

The system aggregates the service entrances of various business systems to provide users with pre-sale (network access), in-sale (traffic ordering, transfer, machine shutdown), after-sale and other full life cycle business acceptance services. It can be used for satellite shipboard users to purchase sales package attributes such as traffic packages, tariff information, and build a unified configuration management function from card application, procurement, activation, card collection, and off-rack. The platform system runs through business account processing services such as business charge, check, adjustment, sales, and binding, provides a unified security certification configuration center, access authority management, and provides satellite shipboard operators with terminal monitoring, marketing volume collection, etc. System business operation analysis platform; can also provide shipowners and crews with one-click Internet access, marine information, leisure and entertainment as an integrated information service mobile assistant personal APP mobile assistant.