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Fujian Ka Offshore High-throughput Satellite Communication Package

  • Product Code: HSWX005
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Brand: HSWX

In order to meet the needs of the fishermen of Fujian Province to maintain communication with land when operating offshore, at the same time provide the communication information and position information of fishing vessels to ensure the safety of maritime navigation, and to respond to and handle incidents at sea accurately and timely. Haisi Satellite Company designs and promotes this series of package products from a professional and market-oriented perspective.

The package is mainly aimed at medium and large-scale fishing vessels in the offshore area of Fujian Province, and realizes high-throughput broadband communication services at sea under the premise of free lease of the Haisi satellite Ka-band mobile communication terminal. In principle, the communication package is not limited to traffic, and is mainly divided into 4 G. When the use of 1G, 2G, 3G and 5G is exceeded, the speed will be reduced. The package exclusively enjoys Ka high-throughput satellite downlink rates of 20Mbps and uplink rates of 5Mbps within the traffic range, exceeding the 4G bandwidth on land.

In addition, the entire system can still use the SOS one-click help/alarm function when the fishermen are in arrears to ensure the fishermen's production and life safety in a timely manner.