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Terms of Use

Welcome to, Home of Space Business.

The following terms of use (“Website’s Terms of Use”) shall govern your useof the Website, please read them carefully. Your use of the Website indicatesthat you have read these Websites’ Terms of Use and that you agree to them. Ifyou do not agree, then you may not use the Website. This Website’ Terms of use may change from time to time andshall enter into force upon publication in the Website. Any updates,we willupdate it untimely. Please note that these Website’ Terms not alter any othergeneral terms, conditions or other agreements that you may have.

Confidential and Proprietary Information

All the information that you may transmit to SpaceTrade using the Websiteshall be deemed as non-confidential and non-proprietary information. If youwish to transmit to SpaceTrade confidential and/or proprietary information, please be advised for theproper procedure, by contacting:

Personal Account

The Website allow you to login and create your own personal account. Yourpersonal information shall be managed by SpaceTrade according to the Website’sPrivacy Policy, available above.

The FutureSpace shall not be responsible or liable for any loss ofinformation you may save in your account. SpaceTrade may, at any time andwithout notice, suspend or delete your account, subject to SpaceTrade’ solediscretion.

Copyrights and Intellectual Property rights

All copyrighted and copyrightable materials on the Website, including,without limitation, the design, text, graphics, pictures, brochures, models,downloadable materials and other files (“Materials”) thereof are copyrighted,ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, by SpaceTrade and other its supplier's member, servicesproviders and any other third party engaged in contractual relations with theSpaceTrade (“Contracting Parties”) whenapplicable.

All the materials are provided in order for you to learn more about theproducts or services featured on the Website, and about the SpaceTrade and itsContracting Parties. Accordingly, you may not copy, reproduce, distribute,republish and display by any means any of the Materials featured on theWebsite. Further, you may not: copy, publish, or post any Materials on anycomputer network; modify or alter the Materials, and remove any copyright andother proprietary notices contained in the Materials.

All the Materials are SpaceTrade proprietary information, and some of thematerials are protected with additional intellectual property rights. Byaccessing the Website, downloading or using the Materials you shall not acquireany property rights (including intellectual property rights) in such Materials.


SpaceTrade is responsible or liable for the information displayed on suchwebsites. Further, SpaceTrade did a review of all of the products orinformation that may be featured in such links, and thus, endorse all thereliable authentic content of these websites.

Sales and Services

SpaceTrade shall not be obligated to perform a sale of any of the featuredproducts or services on the Website. The decision of not performing a sale orproviding a service is subject to the sole discretion of SpaceTrade. The pricesof the products or services featured on the Website, including any “specialoffers” when applicable, may change without notice, and possibly may not beupdated. The availability of the products or services featured on the Websitemay change without notice.Some of the products or services featured on the Websitemay not be available in your country.