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Satellite Payload Material

AL/AL Honeycomb Structure Panel

AL/AL honeycomb structure panel        The panel is made of thin aluminum alloy plate anodized by  acid, and the honeycomb core is made of space-grade durable aluminum honeycomb core, which is embedde..

Benzoxazine Resins (CTD-800 Series)

Benzoxazine resins are a novel development that enables lower void content, low shrinkage, reduced moisture absorption, heat resistance and overall high- wear tolerance. This class of thermosetting polymers provide unique advantages for materials req..

CFRP/AL Honeycomb Structure Panel

CFRP/AL honeycomb structure panelThe sandwich panel is made of gridded CFRP face and aluminium honeycomb core .It has the characteristics of light weight, good rigidity.It is the main structural form of the solar wing substra..

CFRP/AL Honeycomb Structure Pnel

CFRP/AL honeycomb structure panelThe sandwich panel is made of CFRP face and aluminium honeycomb core with inserts embedded in advance or embedded after fabrication.It has the characteristics of light weight and excellen..

Hold-down and release mechanism

Hold-down and release mechanism uses high strength PE rope to hold down and release the solar arrays, whose pressure can be adjusted intuitively and be easily get through measurement. The mechanism with small shock force can be used repeatedly, and n..

KIBOKO® Structural Resins

For composite tanksThe KIBOKO® family of high-performance, microcrack resistant resins are suitable for filament winding and infusion processes. With unparalleled strain to failure and compatibility with a wide-range of cryogenic fluids, these resins..

Micro cutter

The micro cutter with simple structure, convenient installation method and high reliability adopts heat-cutting principle. It can be used to lock the solar array or trigger other mechanisms of micro satellite. It has already been applied in seve..

Micro Hinge

Micro hingea.Product Introduction        Using the potential energy when changing the torsional angle of the torsional spring in micro hinge, the solar arrays can be deployed to different angles(0°-180°), which..

Mini GNSS Antenna

Mini GNSS Antennaa.Product Introduction        The GNSS antenna can be compatible with GPS, Beidou, GLONASS, Galileo and other GNSS systems. It has the advantages of small size, low mass, wide beam and low prof..

TEMBO® Elastic Memory Polymer Resins

TEMBO® elastic memory polymer materials have the ability to regain their original shape after being deformed. The materials utilize fully cured polymers that can be combined with reinforcements and fillers. Products fabricated from these materials ca..

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